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Hi, I am Robert Laslo. I am American but I live in Udon Thani, Thailand with my Thai wife, Nok. We run this online shop together. I handle the website and communication with customers, she arranges the shipping. When you have questions on herbal extracts, feel free to send email.

You should try Thai butea superba for superb sex. It works for me.

Our online shop, Thai Butea, is an online retailer for the sexual enhancement herbals produced by https://tongkatali.org, especially butea superba. We only sell products from tongkatali.org.

While tongkatali.org is a producer and wholesaler, we only do retail.

Because we buy with large wholesale discounts and pass the savings on to our customers, we can sell much cheaper than Sumatra Pasak Bumi. Please feel free to check their website https://tongkatali.org to compare prices. You can also email them to have it confirmed that we are a legitimate, authorized distributor. You will see their email addresses under the header of tongkatali.org.

We think that their best libido product is butea superba. That is why we put that word into the name of our shop.

Butea superba can be used by men and women. I take it, and my wife takes it. But for women, the normal dosage should be a bit lower. We love to eat curries. My wife cooks them herself. And we usually put the butea superba extract into the curry. The butea superba doesn't really add much to the taste of the curries my wife prepares. But it also doesn't take away anything of the taste. But if we put the butea extract into the curries, it saves us the effort of having to swallow capsules. Because my wife has Indian origin, she feels a bit uncomfortable swallowing capsules made of bovine gelatine.

Anyway, the effect is much the same: it just makes both of us more horny. And because I usually eat less than my wife, she does have a lower intake, somehow. But if she is hungry and eats more, just fine with me. I usually have more sex drive than my wife, but if she has eaten a more generous dosage, it seems to me that she gets extra going when we are in bed. I enjoy it.

To put it straight, butea superba extract makes us horny because butea superba elevates testosterone. High testosterone combats prolactin, the hormone that makes people lose interest in sex. I have even found a scientific study of a case when a Thai man had to visit a physician because his high sex drive made him crazy. Then the doc told him to stop taking butea superba extract, and then his sex drive went down to normal. The case was even published in the scientific journal Nature. When you experience extreme libido, the docs and scientists call this hyperandrogenemia.

Hyperandrogenemia due to ingestion of Butea superba

I know that butea superba can be quite overwhelming. But I wouldn'd go to a doc and tell him: "Hey, I have too much sexual desire!" I really enjoy sexual desire. It provides meaning too my life. I would say that my sexual desire is the most important thing in my life

The trick is that you don't overdose. You should take only so much butea superba that you still function in a civilized manner. Don't go molesting women or girls. Stop taking butea superba when your sexual fantasies become imaginations of illegal activities.

Here the list of the butea superba products we sell. They are manufactured and packaged by Sumatra Pasak Bumi (tongkatali.org), but we sell at much cheaper prices.

Extract 1:120, 200 capsules 300 mg – $157.50

Extract 1:120, 400 capsules 300 mg – $284.50

Extract 1:120, 800 capsules 300 mg – $511.50

Extract 1:120, 1600 capsules 300 mg – $920.70

Extract 1:120, 75 grams – $157.50

Extract 1:120, 150 grams – $284.50

Extract 1:120, 300 grams – $511.50

Extract 1:120, 600 grams – $920.70

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How butea superba can help you to have great sex until old age

How butea superba can improve your performance in sports

Here you can see photos how butea superba tubers are digged out in a forest

What dosage of butea superba extract can or should you consume?

How do you feel after taking butea superba

Is butea superba safe for you?

The toxicology of Butea superba, Roxb.

What can you use butea superba for?

Other products:

As we are running a web-based retail operation anyway, we thought we may as well also distribute two more sexual enhancement herbals that are also manufactured by tongkatali.org, tongkat ali extract and kaempferia parviflora (krachai dam) extract. Visit https://tongkatali.org to read about those, then come back and buy from us. Because we give you a lower price for the same quality product.

Thai 1:200 tongkat ali extract, 300 mg capsules, 100 capsules per bottle

Thai 1:200 tongkat ali extract, 200 caps @ 300 mg (2 bottles) – $237.60

Thai 1:200 tongkat ali extract, 400 caps @ 300 mg (4 bottles) – $426.30

Thai 1:200 tongkat ali extract, 800 caps @ 300 mg (8 bottles) – $767.30

Thai 1:200 tongkat ali extract powder in pouches

Thai 1:200 tongkat ali extract powder, 75 grams – $237.60

Thai 1:200 tongkat ali extract powder, 150 grams – $426.30

For kaempferia parviflora (krachai dam or krachai dum), we have the following prices:

In capsules

Extract 1:30, 200 capsules 300 mg – $79.60

Extract 1:30, 400 capsules 300 mg – $143.60

Extract 1:30, 800 capsules 300 mg – $257.70

Extract 1:30, 1600 capsules 300 mg – $463.80

In pouches

Extract 1:30, 75 grams – $79.60

Extract 1:30, 150 grams – $143.60

Extract 1:30, 300 grams – $257.70

Extract 1:30, 600 grams – $463.80

Mucuna pruriens

In capsules

Refined concentrate 1:4, 200 capsules 300 mg – $79.60

Refined concentrate 1:4, 400 capsules 300 mg – $143.60

Refined concentrate 1:4, 800 capsules 300 mg – $257.70

Refined concentrate 1:4, 1600 capsules 300 mg – $463.80

In pouches

Refined concentrate 1:4, 75 grams – $79.60

Refined concentrate 1:4, 150 grams – $143.60

Refined concentrate 1:4, 300 grams – $257.70

Refined concentrate 1:4, 600 grams – $463.80

Raw wild mucuna pruriens beans

Raw beans, 75 grams – $39.80

Raw beans, 150 grams – $71.60

Raw beans, 300 grams – $128

Raw beans, 600 grams – $230

Roasted wild mucuna pruriens beans

Roasted beans, 75 grams – $39.80

Roasted beans, 150 grams – $71.60

Roasted beans, 300 grams – $128

Roasted beans, 600 grams – $230

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